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QuickMeasure for Windows is blueprint takeoff software for construction estimators. Ultimately, it’s a powerful tool for reducing blueprint measuring time.

Using a Digitizer


Using a digitizer, QuickMeasure measures counts, lengths, segment lengths and areas in seconds. Each touch of the digitizer pen to the blueprint will record the location and calculate the quantity at up to 1,000 lines per inch accuracy. A picture of your measurement is drawn and can be printed or stored in a file for review at a later time.

Excel or Lotus Spreadsheets

QuickMeasure also ties in seamlessly with your existing Excel or Lotus spreadsheets. Turn your existing spreadsheet into a powerful time saving tool, allowing you to work on other aspects of your business.


Conversion Calculator

Conversion Calculator

QuickMeasure also features a conversion calculator; which allows you to convert measurements that you have already performed into other types of measurements. For example, you can measure the square footage of a proposed building pad and convert the measurement to get the length around the pad for the exterior walls. This allows you to be more efficient and save even more time while measuring blueprints.

Standard features of QuickMeasure include:

  • Measuring Features
  • Scales
  • Spreadsheet Values Window
  • Digitized Graphics Window
  • Conversion Calculator
  • Legend

QuickMeasure pays for itself in the time that you will save alone, along with increasing the amount of bids that you are able to create. Not to mention the accuracy and graphics QuickMeasure creates will improve your bidding performance and chances of winning those bids.

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