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Not everybody that digs in dirt deals with grading large sites. Some specialize in trenching. Some work with cross section drawings. And others need just simple blueprint measuring software.

Our Software

Trakware offers many software packages for your business needs. Including:

  • EarthWorks - Excavation software for paper plans, PDFs, TIFFs and CAD
  • TrenchWorks - Trench estimation software
  • SectionWorks - Road, railway, & canal cross-section estimation software
  • QuickMeasure - Blueprint takeoff software

Recommended Digitizers

If you’re working with paper plans, or you require TrenchWorks, SectionWorks or QuickMeasure, you’re going to need a digitizer. Purchasing a digitizer from Trakware will entitle you to premium support for all your digitizer support needs.

All of our products come with our special commitment to you. With trakware, you always get quality, value, and unbeatable support!

For more information, or to discuss your business’s unique needs and requirements, call us at: 888-790-6298

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“Trakware's EarthWorks is a huge asset to our company. It saves us hours of takeoff time, calculating quantities and organizing reports.”

Vinda Masse - Aspen EarthMoving